Can You Bring Hair Dryer on Plane?

Hairdryers have become an integral part of our hairstyle regime and they play a crucial role in styling our everyday hairdos. They are not just handy, but also are quite impressive as they effortlessly give a salon look to the tresses. Women love to look good all the time and there is no exception for it when they are on the go or traveling. If you are a hodophile and love to explore the world out there and at the same time want to keep your tresses in place as if they were freshly made, you should always have a hairdryer with you handy. That is when the question Can I Bring Hair Dryer On Plane comes into the picture. In this article let us take a look at the details of whether hair dryers are allowed on a plane or during flight. Have a read!

Can You Bring Hair Dryer On Plane?

If you are up for a vacation and want to carry your compact, travel-friendly hair dryer with you to the tour, have a look at the information that we have provided here for you. There was this question in the mind of many people that are hairdryers allowed on planes? This has been a common question for many and we are here to clear the air for you on this matter. As we all know, the checked luggage or hand luggage should be according to the rules of concerned airport authorities. The items that fall in the list of not-to-carry items will not be allowed into the plane by the security. First of all, you have to know the TSA Hair Dryer Rules before jumping to the conclusions.

What Are The TSA Hair Dryer Rules?

We clear it here and now that hair dryers are allowed on a plane. You can either pack it in your checked luggage or your carry bag with you. The same was confirmed by the Delta and the TSA on Twitter. The only exception is that one shouldn’t carry batteries with them on the flight either in hand luggage or checked luggage. You will however be allowed to carry a cordless battery-operated dryer in hand luggage. Nevertheless, the TSA security officer at the airport is the one who makes the final decision of what to carry and what not to carry. 

Try Packing Your Hair Dryer For a Flight

If you must have your hairdryer near you all the time, you can try packing it. You can also borrow one from the hotel you have checked in. You can also try shipping the hairdryer to the place you are going to visit. This way you can also pack other hair-related items or other important items and ship them all at once. The shipping charges incurred may balance the amount for checked luggage. 

If you are still not satisfied and have the same question Can You Bring a Hair Dryer On Plane, continue reading.

Where to Pack My Hairdryer For A Flight?

It is okay to pack a hairdryer in checked luggage. The security at the airport will not stop you from carrying it on the plane. You have to pack it in the protective package so that it won’t be damaged. Note that you are now permitted to carry butane gas powered curling irons, hair straighteners, or flat irons in checked bags. It is also to be noted that checking luggage may cost huge if you carry all the stuff. You can even invest in the low budget dryer at the destination if you want, but if you own a lot of hair tools and use them daily, it is worth carrying them around with you everywhere you go.

Can you Take Hairdryer in Carry On Luggage?

The compact version of hairdryers does fit into a carry bag very well and due to their lightweight feature, anyone can easily carry them around without pain. There is no prohibition whatsoever on packing the hand luggage. Passengers boarding onto the flight can pack their heartful in their carry-on bags. Again, some international airlines only allow 10 lbs maximum weight for carrying bags whereas the maximum limit for other international airlines is around 20 lbs. 

If the airlines you are traveling to have strict weight restrictions, you may have to deal with it to carry the hairdryer. You have to keep in mind that you are the one who has to lift all the weight you have packed in your hand luggage. Always consider the weight allowance of your airline before packing your hairdryer in your hand luggage.

Your Hand Baggage Might Be Checked at the Gate 

Sometimes, the security at the boarding gate may stop you and check the items in your hand luggage. They may suggest you put your hand luggage in the checked luggage if the cabin is full. That means your hairdryer may suffer bad damage as the checked luggage is said to be handled very badly by the handlers. So instead of taking a risk with your super expensive hairdryer, try leaving it at home safely. 

So again we come back to the same question, Can I Carry Hair Dryer On the Plane? Of course, you can and the aforementioned information will give you good guidance over packing it with you or not while traveling abroad. 

Now let us talk about the travel hair dryers and their performance outdoor. 

A travel hairdryer is compact and lightweight. It comes either in small size or in full size with a foldable handle. It does save up on space in the luggage but is not as effective as the regular dryers. However, compared to the dryers offered at hotel rooms, these travel dryers are way too better.

You will also need to check if the hairdryer you are carrying with you in the plane operates at a dual voltage or not. If not at least you have to carry with you a travel socket adapter. This is because the plug-in sockets vary from place to place around the world. In the US, the electrical appliances operate at 110 volts while in Europe like places, it is 220 to 240 volts. So, if the dryer is plugged in there without a suitable socket, it could not only damage the hairdryer but also could be dangerous to you. Nevertheless, you can carry a travel hair dryer with universal voltage that operates in any place without issues.

So, Is Hair Dryer Allowed On Plane, of course, yes. You can freely carry a hairdryer on a plane. Check out the TSA rules for other hair products below. 

TSA Rules For Hair Products Other than Hairdryers 

The TSA rules exclude the following products from carrying on the flight.

  • Aerosol hairspray is allowed to carry on a plane.
  • Electric flat iron or hair straighteners are allowed.
  • Electric and not butane gas curling irons are allowed.
  • You can carry hair clippers, but no hair scissors.

Well, Can I Bring a Hair Dryer On the Plane, yes you can? You’re rest assured as you can carry the hairdryer with you on your flight to your favorite destination. We hope the information we have covered here on this page is helpful and you are content with it. If so, kindly bookmark our website and keep checking the space for more interesting articles. 

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