Revlon 1875W Volume Booster Hair Dryer Review

For those who are looking for budget-friendly compact hair dryer that boosts the volume of the tresses, Revlon has a masterpiece for you. The Revlon 1875W Volume Booster Hair Dryer has got everything you are looking for and you are rest assured about the specifications it is designed with. This hairdryer gives salon-style look at home and you can style all types of hair with it. It has great drying and styling flexibility and with it, a perfectly styled hair is just at your finger tips. Today let us look into the Revlon 1875W Volume Booster Hair Dryer Review that will give you a clear insight into the product. 

Revlon Volume Booster Hair Dryer Specifications

Revlon is a very big name in manufacturing styling tools that needs no introduction. It has an amazing line of hair tools that offer great styling at pocket-friendly costs. There are various dryers launched by Revlon so far, each with a unique purpose like faster drying, zero hair damage, shine boosting etc and this particular dryer is designed to boost volume of the hair. If you are looking for same exact dryer that boosts volume of your hair, Revlon Volume Booster is the one that fits your bill. Before getting started with the review, look at the specifications of the dryer first.

Specifications Particulars 
Power Rating1875 Watts
TechnologyAdvanced Ionic Technology
Extra FeatureCold Shot Button, 
AttachmentsDiffuser and Smoothing concentrator
Speed Controls3 Heat and 2 Speed controls
Revlon 1875W Volume Booster Hair Dryer Specifications

Revlon 1875W Volume Booster Hair Dryer Review

Now let us get going with the Revlon Volume Booster Hair Dryer Review that will let you know about the product in detail. This supreme hair dryer from Revlon is specially designed to give voluminizing tresses in a go. You can attain smooth and texted tresses in a go with the help of this dryer. If your hair is thin and you are looking for the right product to add full volume and life to it then this dryer is the one for you. 


Revlon Volume Booster hair dryer comes in beautiful green color. The buttons, switches, nozzle, end cap, diffuser and concentrator are colored in black. The buttons are placed very conveniently and can be accessed easily. The operating doesn’t require much force. It has a compact design and so is easy to carry in your luggage when you are flying out of the station. This dryer is apt for all types of hairs from wavy to curly. 

For a healthy, shiny hair you can look no further than this dryer from Revlon. The dryer comes with a 6-foot long cable that allows you to freely move around while drying your hair. There is a hoop at the end of the dryer so that it can be hung somewhere in the room after use. 

Power Rating

The Revlon Volume Booster Hair Dryer comes with a power rating of 1875 Watt, which helps in drying the hair very fast. The drying power not only promotes faster drying, but also gives voluminous lift and body. The wattage of this device varies from location to location. 

Heat / Speed Controls

This model dryer from Revlon has 3 heat and 2 speed settings. These settings allow the users to get complete flexibility over styling their hair. You can use the settings based on the type and length of your hair.

Cool Shot Button

This blow dryer also comes with a cool shot button that releases cool air post hairstyling. Just a single press and you will enjoy a fresh burst of air from the dryer that sets the hair in style for a longer duration.


Just as any usual dryer, this dryer also makes noise while in use. You can however ignore the noise if you are used to it with your older dryers.

Removable End Cap

Revlon 1875W Volume Booster Hair Dryer also comes with an end cap unlike the usual dryers that we use. This dryer has an end cap that can be easily detached. This helps clean the dust accumulated in the holes of the dryer. It also has anti-slip bumpers that allow the user to keep a hold of the device very tightly while drying the hair.


There are namely two attachments – diffuser and concentrator. The diffuser is used to soften the air to give natural waves and curls. To provide precise drying and styling, a smooth concentrator is included in the dryer as an attachment. These attachments can be easily removed for cleaning. 


This dryer uses ionic technology that users negative ions to help maintain a neutral charge on the surface of the hair. It gives the tresses a conditioned and smooth look. It also controls frizz problem and keeps the hair healthy and shiny.

Revlon Volume Booster Blow Dryer Pros & Cons

It is time to talk about the pros and cons of Revlon Volume Booster Blow Dryer. Every dryer comes with some pros and cons and Revlon Volume Booster is no exception. Here we will list out the pros and cons of the said dryer in tabulated form for you. Refer the table to know what the dryer has in its bag.

  • Light weight
  • Smooth concentrator for precise styling of hair 
  • Volumizing diffuser for natural curls 
  • Ionic Technology 
  • 3 heat and 2 speed settings
  • Design could be better 


Well, we wrap the topic of Revlon 1875W Volume Booster Hair Dryer Review here. If you think this dryer fulfills all your requirements of styling hair you can happily invest on it. Grab this hair dryer at a very reasonable price and enjoy salon-style look at home. If you want more upgraded hair dryer then you can go for Volumizing Hair Dryer from Revlon. This dryer comes with pretty similar features as that of Revlon Volume Booster hair dryer. The technology however sees upgrades in this dryer. Considering your hair style and length, choose the dryer that meets your requirements effortlessly.

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