Dyson Hair Dryer Professional Edition Vs Normal Edition

Dyson as we all know is a big name in the dryers business and it has so far launched many popular hairdryers into the market. Under its name, there were many models and designs of hairdryers available. It keeps on updating its models and designs considering the requirements of its customers. Today we would like to talk about a distinguished launch from Dyson i.e., Dyson Hair Dryer Professional Edition and compare it with the normal edition. If you are in a thought to purchase Dyson hairdryer check out this Dyson Hair Dryer Professional Edition Vs Normal to decide which one best suits your hair. We shall put forth the difference between both the hair dryers from Dyson in the most understandable manner. Have a read!

Dyson Hair Dryer: Professional Edition Vs Normal (HD01 Vs HD02)

Many don’t know that there were two types of Dyson Supersonic hair dryers. Though knew, the misconception is that they both are pretty much the same except their colour. Nevertheless, there are notable differences between normal and professional editions. After all, that is the reason why they were launched separately by the company. If you want to know in particular about each of these editions, you have to give a good read to the following information.


Before getting into the deets, first, let us look into the technology that was used in the dryers. When we bring the term technical into the picture, both normal and professional edition dryers fall on the same page with very much identical technologies. The motor that is used in both the dryers is same and that is V9 digital motor. It is combined with Air Multiplier technology for better performance. There are 4 heat and 3-speed settings in both the dryers. The 4 temperature settings are 212°F (100°C), 176°F (80°C), and 140°F (60°C). Similar to other dryers, these dryers also come with a cold shot button that releases fresh cold air onto the tresses that keep the hair in style for hours to come. The 3-speed controls release high powered airflow.


Coming to the design, the professional edition of Dyson hairdryer is available in white/silver colour while the consumer edition is available in dark pink or black/blue. Also, the normal edition Supersonic hairdryers’ vent cannot be removed, at least not completely. On the other hand, the filter of the professional model hairdryer can be easily removed and cleaned. 


While talking about Dyson Hair Dryer vs Professional Edition, we must talk about the attachments that come with the dryer. The normal edition was designed with no non-slip heat mat whilst the professional edition dryer was designed with the non-slip heat mat. Also, the normal edition doesn’t come with any attachments while the professional version comes with three attachments. These attachments are specifically designed and are only found in the professional variant of the dryer. 

The attachments include a narrow and wider mouthed nozzle to give more professional hairstyling, a diffuser and a concentrator. To keep these three attachments intact and strongly bound to the machine, more magnetic strength is embedded in the dryer. This eliminates the headache of frequent falling off of the attachments during drying. 


The filter of Dyson Supersonic comes packed with a cleaning brush that can be used to clean the filter. Though this filter can be bought separately from online, it is not very affordable. Also, an extra filter is given which can be used as a replacement for the old one. 

Power Cable

The power cable also varies between the normal and professional version dryers. The normal dryers’ power cable is 9 feet long while the professional edition hairdryer is 11 feet long. Most likely, it is the longest power cable one can come across. Keeping in mind, the use of hairdryer in the salon, the cable was designed with 11 feet length. 


Now in this Dyson Professional Hair Dryer Vs Regular article, we shall talk about the most important aspect and that is pricing. The Dyson Supersonic professional edition dryer costs around $450 and the earlier version costs $50 less. If you want to get a professional one from e-commerce websites, you can enjoy the discounts. Stylists can grab this Dyson professional hairdryer at a special discount on providing their respective license to the Dyson. 

Now let us look into the Difference Between Dyson Supersonic HD01 Vs HD02 in tabular format. We have compared every aspect of both normal and professional hairdryers here for you. Have a look!

Comparison Dyson Supersonic HD01Dyson Supersonic HD02
TechnologyV9 digital motorV9 digital motor
ColourDark Pink or Black/BlueWhite/Silver
AttachmentsNoDiffuser, concentrator and nozzle 
Power cable9 foot11 foot
Non-slip Heat matNoYes


So we wrap the Dyson Hair Dryer Professional Edition Vs Normal here. After going through the exceptional features of the Dyson Supersonic dryer, we are sure you fell for it. If so, do give it a buy and get that professional salon look sitting right at your house. You can get the dryer from the official website of Dyson. You may have to wait long to get your hands on the dryer as it will be out of stock most of the times. If all you need is a normal edition for home use, you can get on any e-commerce websites at a discounted price.

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