Conair 1600W Folding Handle Compact Hair Dryer Review

Looking for a hairdryer that comes packed with all-in-one features? Conair got you one of the best compact, travel-friendly and foldable handle type hairdryer. No matter where you want to travel this holiday season, you can bag this tiny, yet powerful hairdryer and explore the world with a perfectly styled hair. For super convenient travel, this hair dryer from Conair would be your go-to dryer. If you wish to know in detail about the description, specifications, pros and cons of this dryer check out this article on Conair 1600W Folding Handle Compact Hair Dryer Review. We proudly present you the review of this little machine that can do wonders on your tresses.

Conair 1600W Folding Handle Hair Dryer Specifications

As we all know, Conair is a very popular brand in manufacturing hair tools and accessories. It has got a big line of hairdryers that won raving reviews from the customers. Among them was this tiny tot hairdryer named, Conair 1600w Folding handle hair dryer that won accolades from millions of customers across the world for its outstanding working and durability at a very low price. Though it is compact and on the inexpensive side, the manufacturers haven’t compromised on including the features that are there in the high-end dryers. So here we present the specifications table of Conair 1600 Watt Compact Hair Dryer with Folding Handle for you to check.

Power Rating1600 Watts
Technology Dual voltage
Cord Length5 foot
Speed Controls2 heat and 2 speed
Extra FeatureFolding handle
Conair 1600w Folding Handle Hair Dryer Specifications

Conair 1600w Folding Handle Compact Hair Dryer Review

If you are a travel freak and wish to explore the world without stopping, that too in style, here is a handy dryer for you that you can easily fold and place in a travel bag. The dryer will leave you in nuts with its amusing performance. Here we clearly describe every feature of the Conair dryer so that you can understand the device and its traits in detail. From design, rating, power controls, attachments to technology, we shall cover here everything about the dryer. Have a read!


The dryer has many interesting features despite its compact design and sleek look. It is lightweight and its handle can be folded easily to be occupied in a travel or gym bag. It has got a 5-foot cord which is strong enough to sustain minor drops. Because of the 5-foot cord length, you are good to move around in the room styling your hair. The device is equipped with a good number of buttons to operate heat and speed settings, which are placed backside and underneath the blower. 

Get your hair dried in a quick session with the Conair 1600w Folding Handle Hair Dryer at hand. You will be amazed at the performance of the dryer on your hair for sure. Because of its compact design, it is very easy to hold the dryer and is a big boon on those with small hands. It perfectly fits into a gym bag and so even if you are in a hurry you can style your hair in your gym. 

Power Rating

Enjoy faster drying with Conair 1600 W folding handle hairdryer. The dryer is embedded with 1600 Watt power rating which is not common to see in the dryers that fall in this range. The power exhibited from this dryer is good enough to dry the hair in a straight style in pretty less time. The damage incurred with the airflow from this dryer is negligible too. You can also remove natural waves from your hair to great extent with this dryer. The high power rating helps complete the drying in no time. 

Heat / Speed Controls

The dryer has two heat and speed settings and users can customise the settings depending on their hair type. On Low setting, you will get gentle airflow from the dryer while on the high setting it releases hot air that could easily dry lengthy and voluminous hair.  All thanks to the powerful fan that promotes quick drying of hair.

Turbo & Cool shot button

Surprisingly this small dryer also comes with a cool shot button that can be used to lock the tresses in style after every drying session. It blows fresh cold air onto the hairs and makes them stay in place for a longer duration.


The Conair Vagabond Compact Folding Hair Dryer makes bare noise and so it doesn’t disturb people around. If you are okay with the negligible noise generated by the dryer, you can go get this one for yourself.


The device comes with no attachments whatsoever. Though it has no external attachments such as diffuser and concentrator, it delivers effective performance as good as the dryers that come with attachments. Also, excluding the attachments makes it lightweight and more compact. However, people who are particular about the attachments should look further. 


To style your hair in the go, get this Conair Vagabond Compact Folding Hair Dryer and see how simple it makes your drying session. With the dual voltage system, this dryer stands out among the dryers that fall in the same line. With very little effort you can attain salon-professional look with this hairdryer. The dual voltage helps you use the device on international platforms as well.  You can find a 1205V-250V switch below the Hi-Low switch. You can adjust it according to the voltage of your residence and turn it on. 

Conair Vagabond 1600W Compact Folding Hair Dryer Pros & Cons

We guess you got the clear picture of the device by now after reading our detailed Conair Vagabond Compact Styler 1600w Review. To make it more clear for you, we tabulated the pros and cons of the hairdryer here. You can check and compare both the aspects of the dryer and decide on buying it or not. These pros and cons will break the ice for you regarding this dryer.

  • Higher power rating of 1600 Watts
  • Dual voltage
  • Compact and lightweight
  • Cool shot button to lock the hair
  • Custom settings for different hair types
  • Bearable noise
  • No converter required
  • No attachments


This dryer from Conair deserves big thumbs up as it has got astonishing detailing in a compact design. Not just in terms of looks and performance, but also in terms of pricing, this dryer takes home the cup. It is rear to find all great virtues embedded in a single device and Conair makes it possible with this one. Hope you found our Conair 1600W Folding Handle Compact Hair Dryer Review helpful. If you want to get a handle foldable hair dryer, but with attachments and more added features in same price range, check out REVLON 1875W Compact+ Folding Handle Travel Hair Dryer.

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