Conair InfinitiPRO 1875W Salon Performance AC Motor Hair Dryer Review

At-home hair styling has become quite a trend lately and younglings are religiously following the trend to be salon-ready always. The hair dryers have become widely popular that almost every girl owns a salon performance dryer. The one of the best dryers with which you can achieve a salon-style finish is undoubtedly Conair Infiniti Pro Hair Dryer. If you want to get a dryer for yourself that works like a pro then go for this edition from Conair. Here we clearly talked about Conair Infiniti Pro 1875W AC Motor Hair Dryer Review that will give you very much device-specific information which will in turn guide you to buy a durable and reliable dryer at relatively best price.

Specifications of Conair Infiniti Pro Salon Performance Hair Dryer

The brand name Conair itself sounds great and its products obviously makes to the list of top dryers. The Conair Infiniti dryer is nested with many eminent features and that is why it has won many hearts with its working. Here we will be talking about the specifications of Conair Infiniti Pro Hair Dryer that will present you a clear picture of the device, its features and of course its ability. After going through the specs you can figure out what you want and whether this dryer has them in it or not.

Power Rating1875 Watts
Color OptionsBlack, Aqua, Burgundy, Orange and Purple
TechnologyIonic and Ceramic Technology
Extra featureCool Shot button
AttachmentsDiffuser and a Concentrator
Cord length5-foot
Speed Controls3 heat and 2 speed settings
Hanging ringYes

Conair Infiniti Pro Salon Performance 1875W Hair Dryer Review

The name itself says that it is a professional salon performance dryer which means it gives a salon-style locks at home. The dryer has many eye-grabbing features that will give you your desired look. Here we write complete Infiniti Pro By Conair 1875W Salon Hair Dryer Review that will let you know about every minute feature of the dryer in particular. We are sure that you will create a proper opinion in your mind after reading the review.


The Conair Infiniti hair dryer comes in five different colors i.e., Black, Aqua, Burgundy, Orange and Purple. The top part of the hair styler looks very decent in all the shades available. The buttons are colored in black while cool shot button is colored in blue. They are easily movable buttons and perfectly set in place.

Get shiny and sleek hair with the extraordinary dryer at hand. You can avoid using curling iron if you have small curls. The dryer comes with a hang ring at the end to hang it after use. The cord is 5 foot in length and you can easily move around at a feasible distance holding it in hand.

Power Rating

The Conair Infiniti Pro Salon Performance 1875 Watt AC Motor Hair Dryer has a power rating of 1875 Watts. It is embedded with an AC Motor that dries the hair 50% faster than the regular dryers with almost similar features and at similar price. Also, the hair that was dried using this dryer will last 3X longer than usual. 

Heat / Speed Controls

The dryer has 3 Heat and 2 speed settings for custom heat and air flow. With these controls you can do powerful styling of your tresses. While the speed controls are low and high the heat settings include cool, warm and hot. You can adjust the settings depending on your hair texture, volume and length. The device outputs very powerful air blow on high temperature. The hair gets dried up even for very thick long hair easily without causing difficulty.

Cool Shot Button

The cool shot button is one of the best features of this dryer and you can use it to set your hair in style for longer duration. No matter what your hair texture is i.e., curls, waves, thick, thin, you can get what you desire. It is present right under the bending of the dryer which makes it easily accessible while drying.


The dryer does make noise similar to other dryers, which is pretty common with all the dryer species. Nevertheless it is absolutely negligible compared to the quality and standard offered by the dryer. You can compromise on the noise factor as it is not that noticeable compared to the dryers that come in that price range.


The Conair Infiniti Pro Hair Dryer has two attachments namely diffuser and Concentrator. The diffuser is included so as to do textured hairstyles while the concentrator is meant to do smooth hairstyles. The filter on the back of the dryer can also be easily removed which will prevent the build up of lint which ultimately increases the lifetime of the motor. 


Technology wise, this dryer has so much to boost about. The first technology is Ionic technology that gives smooth and shiny-looking hair and also reduces the chances of frizz up to 75%. On the other hand the Ceramic Technology provides uniform heat that too very gently for fast drying and less damage. These two technologies combine to give a picture perfect hair in the end by increasing the drying ability of the dryer.

Infiniti Pro By Conair 1875W Salon Hair Dryer Pros & Cons

The Infiniti PRO by Conair hair dryer though is an excellent dryer from the brand Conair, it does have few cons on its side. The pros and cons of the dryer are discussed below for you so that you can get a brief overview of the product. You can check out the table and see what the dryer has to offer and in which categories it failed to cater the needs of the users. 


  • Budget hair dryer
  • Includes Diffuser and Concentrator for frizz free and voluminous hair
  • Cool shot button for locking tresses
  • Ionic and Ceramic Technologies
  • Three heat and two speed settings
  • Available in vivid colors
  • Faster hair drying


  • Little heavy
  • Requires converter for 220V AC Supply
  • No foldable handle


So yes this is the complete Conair Infiniti Pro Hair Dryer Review that we were quite excited to share with you about. Coming to the centre idea of this dryer, it is programmed to deliver the salon style look at home and has many captivating features as added benefit. The very fewer drawbacks of this dryer are pretty imperceptible and so we would suggest you to give this dryer a try without hitting miss.

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