Do Hair Dryers Cause Hair Loss?

Women may give up on anything, but not on their tresses. They keep hopes high on their tresses and do everything possible at hand to keep them healthy and lively all the time. But some or the other day and for some or other reason hair may start to fall. There are literally hundreds of reasons for hair loss and in order to stop it, one has to first know the root cause of it. Many blame their heating tools like hair dryers for the hair loss, but we cannot just pass on all the blame onto the dryers for hair loss unless and until we are sure about the cause. A good examination by an hair expert is a must to find out the reason for hair loss. Check out this article to know what role does dryers play in hair loss.

Do Hair Dryers Cause Hair Loss?

There is a big misconception that hair dryers cause hair loss. But as we referred, it is just a misconception and there is not much truth to it. Nevertheless there are some measures that you must take while using a hair dryer that too on a regular note. If you don’t have hair loss and only started after you included drying as your daily routine then there might be some sort of connection between the two. The actual truth is that if you dry the hair upwards that too into the scalp then you may have to suffer the hair loss for sure. 

This is because the hot air from the hair dryer projected directly onto the scalp irritates it and drains out all the moisture which in turn results in hair damage aka hair fall. So it is highly recommended by the hair experts not to run the dryer towards the scalp especially on the high heat. Also, drying the hair daily can also vastly effect the hair. If the natural oils and moisture of the hair is lost then it would literally harm the hair. Other than the hair fall, the regular use of hair dryers can also lead to frizziness, split ends and dryness.

Does Blow Drying Hair Cause Hair Loss?

It is true that the hair dryer causes damage and overuse may even lead to hair loss. It is very hurtful thing to hear about the hair loss, but if suppose you are suffering from such thing then you must read the following information here that will give you a clear idea about how the dryer effects the hair and the measures to take to prevent it. At high temperatures the hair dryers may squeeze the moisture out of the tresses, which damages the hair badly. The scalp is the one that needs to be protected against damage to prevent hair loss due to drying. At high temperatures the roots get weak leading to hair fall.

So by saying this can we confirm that the dryer incurs hair loss? No, not exactly. But there are high chances for the hair fall to occur while using a hair dryer. If you want to revive your tresses back to their original healthy form then you must follow certain tips put up by us here. Check out the tips.

1. Go on Low Heat Settings

We already knew the effects of high heat on the strands. So it is recommended not to use the high heat setting in your dryer anymore, at least not very often and instead go for low or medium heat setting. Even at that heat setting you can dry your hair faster. So from now onwards try to dry your hair at low speed and heat settings.

2. Skip Root Exposure

Try not to expose your roots to the hot airflow from the blow dryer. The roots are what makes our hair and so it is mandatory to keep them safe in order to keep the entire head of hair healthy. Don’t go overboard with drying your hair especially when you are close to your scalp. The hydration of your hair goes off if you keep on drying your hair. Instead of moving upwards, go downwards drying your hair.

3. Don’t Concentrate on Particular Section for Long

The tresses are very delicate and when they are prone to high heat than what they can handle, they would become lifeless. So it is advised that you don’t focus the heat on a particular section of hair for longer periods. Instead, focus the dryer for a shorter time onto the tresses to get rid of permanent damage to the hair. Slowly and steadily run the dryer on the strands without staying put at a particular place.

4. Cut Down on Blow Drying Sessions

If you want a permanent solution for your hair problems like hair hall then avoid using the hair dryer as much as possible. Fan dry or towel dry your hair if you have time and only go for drying with the dryer if you are running out of time for your work.

5. Use Heat Protectants

If you want to use hair dryer anyway to dry your hair then use heat protectant to protect your hair from heat damage. The heat protectant is available in both creamy and spray forms and they can be applied or sprayed on the tresses before doing the drying to prevent hair loss. You can use these sprays on your hair so that they will not just shield your hair from the heat released by the dryer, but also add moisture and nurture your hair. 


So yeah these are the tips that you must follow in order to keep your hair safe and healthy even while using a hair dryer. If your hair is thin you must definitely look into the tips and follow them religiously to save your crowning glory. If your hair loss is due to the use of hair dryers or other heating tools, then you must definitely take preventive measures as soon as possible to stop the hair fall immediately. 

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