What are The Different Technologies Used in Hair Dryers

Buying a hair dryer is becoming a pretty big deal with the emerging technologies with which they are being designed lately. If you want to buy a hair dryer and have no research done so far then just give this article a good read. Here we will tell you the different types of technologies with which the hair dryers are encapsulated with. It is better you go by the technology as it is what is highlighted in any newly launched hair dryer. One have to have the knowledge of the technologies used in the hair dryers so that they can buy the dryer with a technology that caters their hair needs. Before doing that you have to first know about your hair in detail. Know the technology that your hair seeks and also to make a worthy purchase.

Every single person has a different hair and the difference can be in the texture, volume, length, type and whatnot many factors that doesn’t meet out eyes. While picking a dryer it is better to do it after knowing the different technologies that are there in the market. For instance if you bought a hair dryer with a latest technology draining your wallet and it doesn’t work for you, it is a total waste of your almighty dollars. So instead of blindly buying a hair dryer that doesn’t suit your hair type, you can actually input little thinking to purchase something that can glorify your crowning glory.

Here we will be discussing about the technologies that are already there and succeeded with the hair dryers. Many hair dryer brands also manufactured dryers with combo technologies which also won thumbs up from the users. Here we shall talk about all those technologies and also the hair types that are benefitted with them. From ionic to infrared we are going to discuss about each and every hair dryer technology in detail. Have a read!

Different Technologies Used in Hair Dryers

The technologies used in hair dryers are explained below.

1. Ionic Technology

There are many dryers that use Ionic Technology. Just as the name says, Ionic Technology beams ions onto the hair. The ionic technology embedded hair dryers produce negative ions that break the positive water molecules present in our tresses. They don’t usually touch the shafts of the hair so the hair looks smooth after the drying process. This technology also makes the drying process easy and fast. It deals with the cuticle of the hair and removes the moisture from the hair and gives a sleek look in the end. People with thick hair can opt for a hair dryer with Ionic Technology to experience best tresses post every drying session.

Advantages of Ionic Technology

There are many benefits associated with using Ionic Technology hair dryers such as:

  • Even at low temperature you can dry your thick hair effortlessly. 
  • The drying time is reduced almost to half.
  • Your hair doesn’t get frizzy.

Drawbacks of Ionic Technology

If your hair is thin then the ionic technology could be a bane on you. This is because it flatens your hair and also reduces the volume of it, which is worrisome. So women with thin hair better be aware of this fact while buying a hair dryer with Ionic Technology.

2. Ceramic Technology

Ceramic Technology is another popular technology used in hair dryers. The technology claims even distribution of airflow all throughout the hair for faster and gentle drying. The ceramic is used as a coating in the hair dryers to provide the added benefits. The hot air released from the hair dryer doesn’t effect the hair much and the temperature gets consistent too. This technology also releases negative ions that not only reduces frizz, but also speeds up the drying process. 

Advantages of Ceramic Technology

  • Evenly distributed heat all over the hair.
  • Besides drying, you can also style your hair with Ceramic dryers.
  • Gives smooth and bouncy hair after every drying session.

Drawbacks of Ceramic Technology

  • Ceramic hair dryers are little expensive compared to the Ionic ones. 
  • Though the technology reduces the frizz to some extent, if you buying the dryer is to reduce the frizz then simply opt for the Ionic one as that will do the job rightly for you.

As we mentioned afore, you can also get combo dryers where the Ionic and Ceramic technologies are included together. 

3. Tourmaline Technology

Tourmaline is a crystal which was made into a powder form and then added to the ceramic plates with the help of baking. The mineral helps in smoothening the hair by releasing negative ions that act with the positive ions present in our hair. This in turns creates smooth and shiny hair. It also deals with the moisture present in the hair keeping it frizz-free. Other than in the hair dryers, Tourmaline Technology is also seen in combs, brushes, curling irons etc. 

Though the tourmaline mineral is included in the dryers, but not in good proportions then it may not necessarily yield the best results like smooth and frizz-free locks. You can pick this technology included dryers if your hair is thick and unmanageable.

Advantages of Tourmaline Technology

  • The tourmaline technology has been found to dry the hair 40% more faster than it’s non-tourmaline variants. 
  • Even with regular blowouts, you can achieve smooth and shiny hair with the tourmaline technology included dryers.

Drawbacks of Tourmaline Technology

The only drawback that is associated with the dryers with tourmaline technology is that they are little expensive compared to the Ceramic variants, but they are absolutely worth considering the output.

4. Titanium Technology

Titanium hair dryers also work with similar fundamentals of the Ceramic Technology like even distribution of heat. But the major difference comes in weight as they are pretty light-weight. Also, they deliver very fast drying by delivering steady temperatures. Compared to ceramic ones, these titanium dryers controls frizz effectively and gives a silkier texture to the hair. 

Advantages of Titanium Technology

  • Quick styling with titanium dryers.

Drawbacks of Titanium Technology

  • The quick heating feature can damage your hair.
  • Expensive than the Ceramic ones.
  • Not durable.

5. Infrared Technology

Infrared Technology is a technology that uses infrared rays to project on the inside of the cuticle of the hair. This reduces the drying time to half and also the natural moisture present in the hair remains safe. They are gentle on the hair so the damage is very less. 

Advantages of Infrared Technology

  • Using infrared dryers saves a lot of time as the drying is done within no time.
  • The dryers with infrared technology work efficiently compared to the other dryers.
  • They use less heat and therefore less frizz.

Drawbacks of Infrared Technology

Infrared hair dryers are on the expensive side compared to the other technology encapsulated dryers. The basic model starts at $20 which roses up to $200 for salon-use dryer. 


These are the Different Technologies Used in Hair Dryers that are doing rounds in the market at the moment. With the upcoming advancements we may come across many intriguing technologies in the future. With all the existing technologies discussed, we hope you decided on your ideal hair dryer with a technology that aptly suits your hair type. For more informative articles on hair dryers, hook up to our website.

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