How To Protect Hair From Sun Damage

The crowning glory is the biggest glory for the women and they literally put their heart and soul into maintaining it healthy. The hot-hot summer is here and it is obvious that we start taking care of our skin to avoid the damage that is caused due to the sun exposure. But we really neglect the tresses that actually act as the beauty statement. Many don’t know that even the hair gets damaged due to sun exposure. The cuticle of the hair undergoes severe damage if proper precautions are not taken during your outing in the summers. Especially long hours of sun exposure can lead to many hair issues like split ends, frizz, hair thinning etc. Here we will be talking about the damage protection tips that can aid you in protecting your hair from sun damage.

What are the Signs of Sun Damage?

The tresses are protected by a cap like thing called cuticle which acts as a protective layer for the hair. In any circumstance if it gets damaged, the very next thing in line to suffer the consequences is the bare tresses. So, the cuticle needs to be protected in order to keep the hair healthy and safe. In order to shield the cuticle one has to follow certain suggestions made by the hair experts. Here we present you the tips that are suggested by the aces. Coming to the signs of sun damage, it causes many serious hair issues such as hair discoloration, broken hairs, hair fall, dry hair etc. 

According to the dermatologists, the sun’s rays acts as a bleach and discolors the hair, which takes away the natural hair color. It also effects the Keratin present in the hair. Also, thin and lighter hair is more prone to sun damage than thick and darker hair. If any of these issues arise it gets difficult to handle the hair even with the help of high-end tools and sprays. The heat tools like dryers, straighteners, flat irons actually worsen the situation. So it is better that we take the precautions beforehand to safeguard the hair from sun damage. 

Steps to Protect Hair from Sun Damage

Though it is utterly important to protect the hair from Sun and its rays, it is next to impossible to sit at home all the time without going out. Likewise, there is no shown proof that the sun doesn’t damage the hair if you stay indoors. It is a known fact that the sunscreen that we use to protect our skin from Sun Damage needs to be applied on the skin even though we are indoors. So, the same applies to the hair as well. Though you stay indoors you must take good care of your hair to protect it from the harmful UV rays emitted by the Sun. First let us look into the precautions that we should take while going into the Sun.

Never go bare head

The first and foremost step to take to protect your hair from Sun Damage is not to go bare head into the Sun. Yes! When you are off to work make sure to don a hat so that it not only protects your hair from the UV rays directly falling onto you, but also acts as a style statement. Pick a hat that is wide so that it not only covers your hair, but also your face and neck. If you are okay to spend little then go for Ultraviolet Protection Factor (UPF) included hats that provide ultra protection to your hair.

Use a Soothing Conditioner

As the hair gets dried out, it lacks moisture. So there is a need to add that lost moisture to the hair that which can be done through a conditioner that is meant for the purpose. Pick the conditioner that suits your hair texture and type. While choosing the conditioner make certain that it has SPF protection in it. 

Use a Mild Shampoo

It is common to get your scalp greasy and sweaty in the summer and to avoid it you may want to wash your hair daily. It is not recommended because overshampooing can lead to hair damage in many ways. You can instead wash your hair every alternative day that too with a chemical free shampoo. 

Shampoo Post Swimming

Also, swimming causes lightening of the hair due to the presence of salt and chlorine in the water. This further damages the Keratin which acts as the hair’s protein and thereby easy hair damage due to Sun’s rays. So it is recommended to wash the hair after the swimming session.

Dry your Hair Naturally

In the summer it is best to avoid heating tools that dry the hair severely. Though you use heat protectant sprays to protect the hair from heat damage, it may not yield best results as your hair is already in poor condition due to sun exposure. So try to avoid using heating tools to dry or style your hair. Let your tresses shine in their natural best.

Cut the ends

As we said earlier, your hair develops split ends as a part of sun damage. Letting the split ends grow as they like will damage your head of hair. So cut the crap like split ends out to avoid intense drying.

Tie Your Hair Up

In order to protect your tresses from sun damage you can tie up your hair into a updo, bun or a knot. Instead of flaunting loose hair, opt for tied hair this summer to avoid sun damage to some extent. This further promotes frizz-free hair.

Hair Mask

Hair masks can help restore the lost moisture in the hair by supplementing the needed. Try out different hydrating hair masks on your hair to repair the damage done by the sun exposure.


This is the complete article on How To Protect Hair From Sun Damage. Follow the tips we have suggested you to guard your hair and achieve a healthy looking hair. Take all the required measures and rock your locks even in hot Sun.

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