Different Types of Hair Dryer Attachments

Styling the hair especially by using the heating tools has become a trend lately. With every passing day we get to see brand new hair styling tools in the market with latest technological advancements ingrained in them. While the purpose of a hair dryer is just meant to dry the wet hair, that isn’t enough at all to protect and style the hair like a professional. A very basic model of the hair dryer doesn’t come with any attachments and that is not we want as it does nothing more than drying the hair. We want that extra dose of protection and hair styling ability which is only possible with the Hair Dryer Attachments. So let us talk in brief about the attachments that usually come with a hair dryer.

If you are in plans to purchase a hair dryer for you that works wonders on your hair then simply check out this article where we talked about the attachments that are must for a dryer to yield best results. The hair dryer attachments are included in every dryer now because they are meant for a purpose which is mandatory to have a perfect and healthy hair even after exposing the hair to hot air. Here we will be talking about the attachments that reduce frizz, detangle, give smooth and shiny hair, set the locks, give pin straight hair etc. 

Hair dryer attachment is nothing but a nozzle like thing that is attached to the hair dryer to deliver a better performance. They are included so that the users can experiment different styling techniques and achieve trendy hairdos. Each attachment that comes packed with a dryer has a purpose. For instance, one attachment increases the volume of the hair, another attachment reduces the frizz. The attachments come in different sizes, shapes, and designs. 

Different Types of Hair Dryer Attachments

Here we discussed about the Types of Hair Dryer Attachments available in the market that you can rely on to get that salon-style look.

1. Concentrator

Again this is the basic attachment that comes bundled with almost all the hair dryers from the low-end to high-end. This particular attachment is named after its use it seems. This is because the concentrator as the name suggests concentrates the air flow on the strands without flowing it all over the hair. Without a Concentrator though you can dry your hair, it won’t be in style at all. On the other hand, if you use a concentrator it not only dries the hair fast by focusing on sections of hair, but also ensures to do it quick. This way fewer strands get dried at a time making the process fast and reducing the overall drying to almost half. This also increases the volume of your hair in turn. Not only that, you can also achieve pin straight hair with a powerful concentrator at hand, which eliminates the use of a seperate straightener.

How to Use a Concentrator Nozzle?

As concentrator is an attachment, it comes out easily with just a twist or so. You can remove it after use and place it back into its package. If you have voluminous hair then divide the hair into sections and direct the airflow from the hair dryer and through the concentrator on them for faster hair drying. It is recommended that you towel dry your hair first partially before using a hair dryer to reduce heat damage.

2. Diffuser

The very next and important hair dryer attachment is a diffuser. Diffuser comes to great rescue if you have curly hair. The innovation of the attachment called diffuser is actually happened for the curly girls out there. The diffuser looks like a round comb like thing with teeth and holes to let the airflow out. This helps in reducing the frizz post heat treatment to the hair. There are tines present through which the diffuser directed air flows upwards. This allows less amount of air to flow on the sectioned hair. The air is spread evenly throughout the hair for faster and frizz-free drying. 

How to Use a Diffuser?

As we said earlier, diffuser is the best attachment designed for drying curly tresses. The best way to dry the curly hair is to put your curls onto the diffuser and then start drying. You better go with the low heat and speed settings when you are drying your over curly hair to achieve best results. 

3. Picks

Pick is another hair dryer attachment that doesn’t come with all the regular hair dryers we use. The main purpose of the pick is to add volume to the hair. Depending on the length of your hair you can choose the size of the pick from short to long. It looks much like a comb and can be easily attached to the dryer. It detangles the hair and also softens the curls to some extent. If your hair is thin then Pick attachment could be of great help for you. If you don’t find the pick for the dryer you have shortlisted to buy then you can choose it seperately, but make sure that the dimensions are similar so that they both fit each other perfectly. You can also buy the universal hair dryer attachments that absolutely go well with all types of hair dryers.

How to Use a Pick?

Attach the pick to the hair dryer and start detangling your curly hair alongside drying it. Go gentle on your hair while drying with the pick attached to get fine dried and smooth hair.

4. Styler

The styler gives a finishing touch to your hair by giving that much-needed shine to the hair post drying session. This is like an all in one attachment and eliminates the need to use a seperate round brush to dry the hair. Just attach the styler attachment to the dryer and you are all set to go to dry your hair without the use of a seperate brush. The styler usually looks like a boar bristle brush that provides shiny looking hair. Those with thick hair can gain best results with the styler attachment. The styler comes with different bristle brushes like fine and wide. For detangling purpose you can fit the wide brush and along with that dry your hair.

How to Use a Styler?

The stylers doesn’t fit with just any dryer. The hair dryers that work with the styler look different compared to the regular ones we use. If you choose to get a hair dryer that fits with the styler then you can go for it. It can be fitted with the vertical air flowing dryer perfectly and detangles and softens your hair.

Is It Necessary To Have All These Hair Dryer Attachments?

No! Not necessarily you should have all these attachments in your dryer. However almost all the latest model hair dryers come with the first three attachments. It you ask us all the three are mandatory in a dryer, we would say no. Though not all the three are required, you must have a concentrator at the very least to give focused air flow to the hair. But having the other attachments as well will come to work some or the other time. So while buying a hair dryer make sure to get the one with at least the first three attachments at the least.


So yeah these are the Different Types of Hair Dryer Attachments that are available in the market right now. If your intention is not just to dry the wet hair, but to style it without using multiple styling tools, then you must definitely choose a hair dryer with attachments. If not all, at least the concentrator will do the job. But if you want to style your hair like a maven then you should definitely choose a hair dryer with multiple dryer attachments. 

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