Dos and Don’ts of Blow Drying your Hair

Blow drying seems to be easy even for beginners, but it is actually not. The traditional blow drying process used by almost everyone has many loopholes in it which is why they undergo damage sometime or the other. Many women prefer blow drying their hair post hair wash for various reasons such as to dry the hair, to get the salon-style blow out look, to save time, to add volume etc. Though they achieve what they desire, it is all done at the cost of hair damage which goes unnoticed until huge lose takes place. There are many dos and don’ts that the users need to be aware of before handling a dryer to not make your hair a pawn of the misuse.


Always Opt for Low Heat Setting

It is always recommend to use a low heat setting so that there won’t be much damage done to the hair due to high heat. It is a known fact that the heat could damage the tresses, but still we use heating tools to style. We may not stop using them completely, but at least try to use them at minimal temperatures to reduce the damage to the hair.

If you use high heat settings on your hair while drying, your hair suffers split ends and breakages soon. If the split ends grow, you have to trim the ends and once this trimming starts it will be a never ending process. Also, high temperature can also result in hair fall, which cannot be controlled by anyone in the world once starts. So it is recommended that you go low on heat settings while drying your hair.

Apply Essential Oils Often

If it is regular for you to dry your hair using a hair dryer and you cannot skip it then you must take good care of your hair by massaging it with some essential oils. There are many essential oils, each with different purpose from which you have to pick the oil that serves your need. You can use coconut oil or organ oil to protect your hair from regular heat blow outs. 

Heat Protectant is a Must

While drying the hair don’t just let the heat project on the tresses, instead use a heat protectant spray which acts as a saviour. This not only protects the hair from heat, but also helps in frizz taming. There are different types of heat protectants available in the market, pick the right one that suits your hair. 

Move the Dryer Downwards 

Always move the dryer downwards while drying your hair. Don’t just focus on particular section of hair for a long time as it will be effected by the heat. Keep moving from section to section in downward direction to prevent hair damage. By moving downwards the cuticles of the hair remains flat. 


Towel Dry and Air Dry Hair First

Soon after coming from the shower don’t start drying your hair using the hair dryer. In the wet state, the hair will be at its weakest and so using a heating tool like hair dryer at this stage will result in hair fall. Towel dry and air dry the hair 50% before using the hair dryer. 

Don’t Brush Wet Hair

Whenever you plan to blow dry your hair, never comb it using a comb or brush. As the roots of the hair gets weaker while wet, you better skip the combing process and let it dry first. Once it is dried you can easily comb it without much hair fall.

Don’t Skip the Conditioning

The conditioning of the hair is very important post shampooing as the shampoo could remove the natural oils from the hair. To instill them back you have to apply a conditioner to your tresses. Especially when you want to blow dry your hair it is suggested that you condition your hair for best results. 

Don’t Pick Wrong Hair Dryer

Though you follow all these do’s and don’ts, if you fail to choose the right hair dryer for your hair type, you are going to loose it all. There are different technologies from Ionic to Ceramic in hair dryers and depending on the texture and length of your tresses you can choose the technology that works well for you. Choose the dryers with different heat and speed settings, cool shot etc to experiment with. 


So these are the Dos and Don’ts of Blow Drying your Hair. Even after following all these do’s and don’ts rigorously if you don’t get the desired result, consult experts who will suggest you best ways to protect your hair while using the heating tools sideways. Nonetheless, remember that the perks of exercising all the said do’s and don’ts will not just go in vain. So keep exercising them without miss to guard your hair from heat damage.

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