InfinitiPro by Conair Ion Choice 1875 Watt Rainbow Hair Dryer Review

With umpteen types and brands of hair dryers in the market, it is difficult to pick one that too with cream of the crop features. There are literally a wide variety of hair stylers and it is not that easy to shortlist one product that exactly fulfills all your requirements. Nonetheless, don’t lose hope as we are here to guide you in the process of picking the right dryer for you. Today we present before you a review on awesome edition from Conair brand – InfinitiPro by Conair Ion Choice 1875 Watt Rainbow Hair Dryer Review. You can check out the complete review that includes specifications, pros and cons etc that gives you the fair idea about the product.

Conair InfinitiPro Ion Choice Rainbow Hair Dryer Specifications

Conair has a pile of hair dryers in its range that starts from inexpensive to most expensive products. With the people getting obsessed over attaining at-home salon style hairdos, the craze for the salon performance hair stylers, especially in the dryers space is rapidly increasing. With that said, the companies are competing neck and neck to bring forth the styling tools that are more than just efficient. In that scenario, Conair has released this Conair Rainbow 490 Ion Choice Hair Dryer that grabbed the attention of one and all. So here we tabulate the specs of this dryer for you. Take a look!

Power Rating1875 Watts
ColorRainbow Chrome
TechnologyCeramic and Ion Choice Technology
Extra featureCool Shot button
AttachmentsDiffuser and a Concentrator
Cord length5-foot
Speed Controls3 heat and 2 speed settings
MotorAC Motor

InfinitiPro by Conair Ion Choice 1875 Watt Rainbow Hair Dryer Review

InfinitiPro by Conair comes packed with many astonishing features and that is what makes it one of the best selling dryers in the market today. Here we are going to give a brief description on the Conair Rainbow Hair Dryer that will give you a precise vision about the dryer, its features and of course its working thereby you can think of getting one for you or not. We very well know that your expectations will be reached for sure by this Conair dryer. 


Make people envy on your absolutely professionally-styled locks with the Conair InfinitiPro 1875 Watt dryer. Unlike the regular colors, this dryer uses a mix of rainbow colors, which makes it stand out. The dryer is available in Rainbow Chrome color. It is inserted with lots of buttons all over such as heat, speed, cool shot, ON and OFF buttons colored in black, blue and purple colors. They are easy to operate, however they are poorly positioned and misoperate most of the times while drying the hair. 

The dryer is not light weight and is not compact as well. It cannot be easily adjusted into a luggage bag to carry out just anymore. In other words, it is apt for home use. The cord is 5 foot in length and is strongly built. You can easily move around to a convenient distance from the power outlet with your dryer drying your hair.

Power Rating

The Conair dryer comes with a 1875 Watt power rating which is a high power rating offered by the brand. The dryer operates at 110 Volts and requires converter to avoid power related issues. It is encapsulated with a powerful AC motor that delivers fast airflow for styling the hair with ease. It dries your hair up to 50% faster and also guarantees the life of your dryer by up to 3 times. The hair also locks in style for longer hours. The dryer offers excellent drying abilities even at lower temperatures.

Heat / Speed Controls

The dryer has 3 heat and 2 speed settings that you can adjust depending on the style you want to achieve for your hair. You can find the right temperature and airflow that perfectly goes with your hair. Consider your hair texture and length and set the speed and heat of the dryer before use. The heat settings include cool, warm and hot while the speed settings include low and high.

Cool Shot Button

The cool shot button is a very much usual feature in almost all the Conair dryers. Just at the press of the button it releases a cold flow of airflow onto the styled hair that will lock them in style for the hours to come. You can create some serious hairstyles with this dryer at hand that are no less than salon-style locks. 


The noise of the dryer is little loud given that it has high heat settings and attachments. The machine makes sound that is not so disturbing. But if you still insist to get a noise-less dryer or no-noise dryer for yourself then you can check out this Infinitipro By CONAIR 3Q Compact Hair Dryer Styling Tool that comes with noise reduction technology which is a little expensive than this dryer.


Let us now get going with the attachments that includes a diffuser and a Concentrator. The hair diffuser is meant to offer frizz-free hair which can be achieved even for curly and wavy hair while the concentrator to give a sleek and pinpoint look to the tresses. Other than these two, the dryer also comes with removable filters for easy cleaning. 


The Conair Rainbow colored dryer has programmed with two most amazing technologies. The Ceramic technology is one among them which provides full-spectrum, infrared heat that gets on hair molecules and dries them fast without creating any damage. Even the sensitive hair doesn’t get damaged with this technology. 

Other than this usual features, the dryer also comes with a special feature named ion choice that works in two modes i.e., ON and OFF where ON mode offers to deliver smooth and sleek hairstyles and OFF mode offers volume and fullness to the tresses.

Conair Rainbow 490 Ion Choice Hair Dryer Pros & Cons

After reading the Conair Rainbow Hair Dryer Review you would have created a crystal clear opinion about the product and its features. Here we also tabulated the pros and cons of the product for your easy viewing. You can give the advantages and disadvantages of the dryer a look before going for a purchase. This will help you know in detail about the dryer and what it has to offer in brief.


  • High Power rating of 1875 Watts
  • Removable filters for easy cleaning
  • Cool shot button to lock the hair
  • Ceramic technology for gentle and less-frizz
  • Ion choice feature for smooth and voluminous hair
  • Concentrator for sleek shiny hair
  • Diffuser for frizz-free hair
  • AC Motor Styler that increases the lifetime upto 3x


  • Generates noise
  • Not compact and travel-friendly
  • Does Not Support Dual Voltage
  • Poorly positioned buttons


You can’t just get enough of this dryer and its dashing looks. With the beautiful outer body design and many perks inside-out, this dryer from Conair is a total swag. Take this blow dryer on a test drive and feel fantastic after every use by achieving a terribly appealing hair. Hope you find this InfinitiPro by Conair Ion Choice 1875 Watt Rainbow Hair Dryer Review helpful and believe that you get one for you soon.  Happy shopping!

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